Interconnect Solutions for the CCTV Market

Amphenol interconnect solutions bring systems together to help you deliver the most advanced CCTV applications whilst always reducing integration and installation time.

Each one of our products has proved its performance and reliability in a number of CCTV applications such as traffic management, ANPR, public transport, city surveillance, mobile devices,homeland security and many others. Amphenol is proud to serve all customers in the market, from local installers, to specialty integrators and major camera manufacturers.
As a global company, Amphenol provides the same service and product quality worldwide and can support its customers’ offset or localization programs as required.
Many CCTV systems are installed outdoors: city protection, traffic monitoring, ANPR, platforms surveillance…but in any conditions, any weather, 24/7, your security system must be available. Amphenol has taken these requirements into account and offers reliable, cost effective, overmoulded as well as ield installable, solutions to cover all your needs for both the IP and the analog technology.
Harsh Environment
Amphenol has the industry experience to supply connectors and cable assemblies to any harsh environment. No matter if your CCTV system is installed on the highway, on an offshore platform, underground or used for military operations, Amphenol will provide you with a reliable solution that exactly its your requirements.
Especially in the industrial ield, CCTV systems can be used to control and measure operations in inaccessible or hazardous environments. Amphenol always has a solution for you, with special product ranges dedicated to subsea, ATEX zones and nuclear zones.
For on-vehicle or deployable CCTV systems, miniaturization and mass reduction are paramount. Combining its second-to-none experience in the aerospace and military industry, Amphenol will supply state-ofthe-art technology to you.

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