Are you buying the Best Connectors for your Application?

Determining the connector to incorporate into your design is a matter of evaluating the application needs and the environment in which it will be used.

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Determining the connector to incorporate into your design is a matter of evaluating the application needs and the environment in which it will be used.

Start by asking yourself

  • What type of transmission do I need? Are your connection points needed for power, communication, signaling, or a combination?
  • How many contact points are needed?
  • What are the current requirements of the application?
  • Are there space constraints?
  • What is the wire termination method for the contact pins (spring, clamp, or screw)?
  • What are my environmental conditions?

Advances in technology are continually evolving and through our partnership with leading manufacturers like Amphenol we are delighted to pass these new innovations on to you.

Below are some recommended connector ranges to consider for your applications.

Circular Connectors

C16 Connectors

Typical Application
Industrial applications under harsh conditions.

The C16 range includes versions with two different housing sizes, 5+PE and 19+PE contacts and are available with screw and crimp terminations. Waterproof protection degree of IP65 in mated position

C091 Connectors

Typical Application
Automation, measurement & control, medical, sensors and telecommunication.

Their proven design and performance make these connectors a recognized industry standard.

eco|mate Connectors

Typical Application
Plant construction and machine building, measuring and controlling applications.

Easy operation, reduced dimensions and a more robust design are only a few features of the series.

Rectangular Connectors

A Series Connectors

Typical Application
Heavy Duty Equipment, Agriculture, Marine, Automotive, Military, Alternative Energy and other demanding interconnect applications.

Based on superior quality, high-performance capabilities and having been developed to be compatible with all other existing standard products industry-wide, A Seriesā„¢ products are perfect alternatives for you.

heavy|mate Connectors

Typical Application
Indoor and outdoor heavy duty industrial applications

The vibration proof, corrosion resistant heavy|mateĀ® Connectors feature a robust design for harsh environments. They offer a wide range of inserts for signal and power transmission and a wide variety of pole sizes ranging from 3 to 280 poles per connector.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can integrate the right connector into your application.
0844 875 1585

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