5 Tips for Using Static Shielding Bags

5 Tips for using your Static Shielding Bags safely & effectively.


Picture41.Enclose product

Shielding bags should be large enough to enclose the entire product and closed with a label, tape or zipper-style bag. Determine the correct size bag for your application.

Picture52. Remove charges

Place closed bag on an ESD working surface before removing the product. This will remove any charge that might have accumulated on the surface of the bag.


Picture63. Don’t overuse

Re-using shielding bags is acceptable as long as there is no damage to the shielding layer. Bags with holes, tears or excessive wrinkles should be discarded.


Picture14. Not a working surface

Do not use a shielding bag as an ESD working surface. Although a shielding bag is safe to use around ESD susceptible products, it is not intended to be a working surface for product.


Picture25. No “potholders” or “glove”

Do not use a shielding bag as an “ESD potholder” or “ESD glove”.
This type of use offers no ESD protection to the product.

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