Fujitsu Flush Surface Touch Panel

Design is an important factor in the product development process. Not only for consumer products such as tablets, phones or car radio’s but for medical, security and industrial applications as well.

Composite image of medical app

Fujitsu Components has developed the “Flush Surface Touch Panel” technology as an answer to that need for a new generation of touch panel.

The Flush Surface Technology

Traditionally, the touch panel would cover only the active area of the central screen and would often be surrounded by several mechanical plastic buttons and knobs. With the new Flush Surface Technology the touch panel becomes the entire face of the device.

flushTouch Sensor Area – includes the usual area in front of the LCD as well as button functions on the frame area.

Cutouts within the Flush Surface Panel – for applications that require USB/ memory sticks & card readers

Custom Made –  the design and layout of the front face, the placement of button functions, logo’s etc. are customer specific.

Cost Effective – the combination of the touch panel functionality and the front face design will save the cost of a front face casing mold.

Zoom, Rotate, Flick and Swipe

Advanced technology in the modern hospital. Doctor viewing the p

Available in sizes up to 17 inches and using “light touch” technology, zooming, rotating, flick and swipe actions improve user functionality.

The flush surface touch panels can be operated with glove, pen or finger and can be made water tight.

The Fujitsu dual touch controller can also be used for the side buttons.

Essential in medical or food processing environments, the fully flat front design is not only an aesthetic and cost saving solution but it also allows easy cleaning.

Fujitsu can customize not only the layout but can also include logos and icons printed on the top film.

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