Continuous Monitors and ESD Control

Desco Europe Blog

Most of you have probably heard of continuous monitors before but do you know:

  • what exactly they do or
  • why you should be using a continuous monitoring system?

If your response to one (or both) of the above questions is ‘no’, you’re lucky because we’ll be answering them here today. If you already know the answers, why not read on anyway? You never know: you might be learning something new…

What are continuous monitors?

When talking about wrist straps a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned the need for periodic testing. Every day before each use, wrist straps need to be checked (while worn) to ensure they ground the operator correctly.

So imagine this scenario: you come to work in the morning, you test your wrist strap, it passes and you get to working on your ESD sensitive devices. 3 hours later, when you come back from your tea break…

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